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Better data

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Reporting from data

It can be overwhelming to see all of the Business Intelligence (BI) software out there promising reporting that will solve all your problems and provide you with insight. In reality though it comes down to understanding what you want to achieve in the first place and what questions you need to get your software to ask. This is at the heart of data science. Why not get your copy of our Quick guide to data analytics to get your started - it's free and no sign-up required.


Data led insight

Business Intelligence (BI) does require software tools to analyse your existing data but the skill in the process is down to the analyst or data scientist that is generating the insight from your data. BI provides regular data reporting to enable managers gain current insight into what is happening in their department. 


Planning for future development

Data Analytics is the process of using your data, external data and data reporting to start to predict behaviour. This is a particularly useful process for those businesses that rely heavily on customers and where understanding customer behaviour is likely to have a significant impact on commercial activity.


Data visualisation and 'dash-boarding' the information is more than just producing beautiful graphics it is about the data story behind the pictures. The right information going to the right people in a timely way. There is no point business users receiving a dense spread sheet with data sources that are unknown or not understood. Patterns that emerge from data that is appropriately presented is far more likely to result in meaningful and actionable insight.


More knowledge equals more accurate forecasting

We could use basket analysis, for example, or yield and profitability analysis to help you see the precise areas of your business that you want to focus in on. By using data that exists in your business we can help you to generate actual costs and real profit profiles. By using visualisation, looking at cluster analysis, we can help you to to gain knowledge about your customer engagement and retention.


Download our guide

Essential Guide to Better Data: The guide provides examples of how business intelligence projects improve your efficiency and profitability. Or you can call us and we can discuss how we can help you to understand the power behind your data.


See what our clients have achieved

You can download all of our case studies to see how we have helped some of our clients with issues just like yours. If you cannot find a resource to match your particular problem then please just email Helen and we can discuss some possible strategies.  

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