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Getting your data to work harder

Data is critical to your business and you know that you need to get your data management right. Many clients come to us when they are experiencing teething problems with large system implementations or it becomes clear that their new software needs customising to meet their own unique demands.


Flexible resourcing

Even large companies cannot afford to have the level of experience and expertise we have at KETL just sitting on the bench waiting for the next data project. We are here when you need us.


Some clients need us to work with them for extended periods of time on complex data integration projects and other clients call us in for small one-off pieces of work to help them develop a data analytics strategy. Download our case studies for detailed information on how we have helped our clients and what we could do for you.


Get value from your data: Telematics, CRM, HR or Financial

We will consider any type of data integration work and we have managed projects with a wide range of data source types. We have written a KETL quick guide to better CRM data as a free download.


See what our clients have achieved

You can download all of our case studies to see how we have helped some of our clients with issues just like yours. If you cannot find a resource to match your particular problem then please just email Helen and we can discuss some possible strategies.  

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