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Case Study

"The KETL designed data warehousing system was a key driver for our expansion as it was at the core of the analytics that has enabled sales growth to take place."


Pete Byrne, Former Head of IT, Monsoon Accessorize


We were approached to work with the retailer because of Ian’s reputation and expertise using the ETL tool Informatica and data warehousing.
Kimball Star Schema
Data type
Sales and stock by production and location hierarchies
Project aftercare
Ongoing 24/7 data warehousing support, consultancy services for new software and hardware upgrades.

Monsoon Accessorize was embarking on rapid expansion so we needed to get a really good understanding of the implications that this growth would have on their data and reporting requirements.  The primary aim of the data warehouse was to track sales and stock positions for all their stores.


“Rapid expansion of the business was a catalyst to looking outside the organisation for expertise; and this makes it clear just how good the warehouse design was because it has been robust and flexible enough to cope with the subsequent increase in the volume of data.


In fact it was the KETL designed data warehousing system that was a key driver for that expansion as it was at the core of the analytics that has enabled the sales growth to take place.”


Pete Byrne, former Head of IT, Monsoon Accessorize 

KETL partner with Exasol to deliver Project Customer for Monsoon Accessorize from KETL better data better business on Vimeo.


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