Better data

Better business

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Better data

Better business

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Case Study

"By working closely with a trusted, strategic partner that had the expertise we needed to access, the Single Customer View project with KETL ran seamlessly. It really was one of the best projects I've worked on during my career."


Andy Tudor, Technology and Data Director Monsoon Accessorize


The Project

We replaced legacy data warehouse infrastructure with new technology to enable meaningful customer engagement.
The Results
The key overall result is that now the business has trust in the technology team. Stress levels in the team have been reduced. Business critical reports that took 18 hours to run now perform in minutes.
The Technologies
Talend Data Services Platform and Exasol Enterprise Cluster

The Challenge

Legacy system architecture meant that the business teams within the retailer were unable to carry out deep dive analysis. It was not possible to identify customers against the all the brand touch points.


The Vision

Monsoon Accessorize had a vision for Data and analytics 'available any time anywhere' seen through the eyes of the customer. Consistent positive and frictionless customer experience across all channels and all mobile devices. 


The Outcome

By providing a more accurate view of daily performance business decisions can be made earlier. Existing BI tools became more efficient and so the time to insight was improved significantly.


Now additional feeds can be added into the Enterprise Data warehouse and more advanced analytic and machine learning methods can be employed to cut down on fraud, to model pricing optimisation and to improve customer segmentation. 


KETL partner with Exasol to deliver Project Customer for Monsoon Accessorize from KETL better data better business on Vimeo.


Our clients


Our clients care about their data and recognise the value it can bring to their business. With better data our clients are able to rely on their reporting processes and gain more customer insight.