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Case Study

"KETL’s deeper thinking and general horizon widening way of considering our research, was crucial to us in building a data journey for our farmers."


Richie Alford, Director of Research & Impact, Send a Cow


Organisation background
Send a Cow is a charity that helps poor families in Africa. It provides livestock and training in natural organic farming practices, alongside courses in gender equality, conflict resolution and more. The impacts could hardly be more significant: children eat well, learn well, and families prosper.

Data challenge
Send a Cow held its data in Salesforce CRM, but had difficulty extracting the data. This, and ensuring the quality of the source data, presented a technical barrier to performing long term trend analysis.

Project outline

> Full data audit of Send a Cow’s Salesforce CRM data. 

> Time based analysis of the charity’s survey information, to evidence the efficacy of the charity’s farming projects. This involved formulating survey questions and undertaking large-scale statistical analysis



Data type
Survey response data

Project aftercare
KETL helps the charity to produce quarterly data for their audit of project surveys, as well as providing expert guidance on further development of their survey data.


It’s vital for charities such as Send a Cow to be able to demonstrate their effectiveness to sponsors. Send a Cow had a superb understanding of the individuals that they were supporting. But the issue was how to measure that dynamic in such a way that the organisation could show its impact to sponsors.


With this objective, KETL helped Send a Cow to set up quarterly surveys. The idea was to gauge the changes and benefits resulting from the charity’s interventions. These were measured using key performance indicators like income, dietary improvements, yield increases, produce levels, etc.


As a direct result of KETL’s work, Send a Cow was able to publish a public report called ‘Our Impact’. This showed sponsors the true impact of the charity’s work. The data analysis also helped it to realign its focus to measuring scales of happiness, rather than concentrating purely on the impact of training on farming techniques. This was significant because the data revealed that, for example, with better food security, farmers were more likely to send their children to school. And seeing their children educated raised farmers’ happiness and self-esteem. 


Our clients


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