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Free Introductory Talend developer workshops

How do we help spread the word and encourage more people from more diverse backgrounds to come and work in the data industry? You can read Helen's blog discussing issues of diversity within our industry. We have pondered over this for some time and now it is time for action.



We are going to offer free introductory evening workshops here in Bristol for people who are curious about data and want to find out if they want to be a data developer. We are going to start by offering data quality workshops using the Talend toolset. To get you started have a look at the free Talend Data Prep tool which is a business user tool and does not require developer skills. 



Our second series of workshops will be run in the evening and participants will need to have their own laptops and have time to do some homework outside of the workshop time too. Ian Cray, MD of KETL and an experienced Talend trainer, will present the workshops.


The workshops will assume no prior knowledge of the toolset but participants should be confident in working with spreadsheets and data sets. The workshops will be taught in small groups (a maximum of 8 people) using case studies and working through real life problems with fake data sets.



Central Bristol



We will be booking a new series of workshops shortly. Contact Helen to register interest for the next series of workshops.



You must pre-register for the workshops. To book your place for the next series or to register your interest please email Helen providing some background detailing the reasons for your curiosity in data development.