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When you first meet us here at KETL, you will know that we are happy to talk data, data warehousing, data reporting and so on. We have a well defined on-boarding process that provides you with plenty of pre-sales advice and demonstrations. As you can see from our wide range of freely available resources we do not believe in keeping our experience to ourselves.

"KETL is different from other service suppliers that we have used in that they allow us, the customer, to make the decisions about which solution to follow even if it does not seem the best option to them."

Neill Graham, former Programme Manager, RAC


You need a single view

In a multichannel world, businesses must have the ability to track customers, their communications and their transactions, whenever and wherever there is an interaction. This is the baseline requirement for providing a frictionless customer experience that delivers improved customer service levels, higher conversion rates, greater average transaction values and more Brand loyalty. 


Having a single view of the customer requires data to be garnered from across the silos so it can be put in one place and used, in a meaningful way, by the people who can improve business performance.


Personalising your customer experience is not possible unless you can achieve a single view of your customers’ journey.


Your dilemmas

Many businesses are poor at this because they operate in responsibility silos such as product, service, sales and inventory; every team needing to access the customer journey but only seeing the leg that relates to them.

System and application architectures have been built to reflect this traditional organisational structure, and therefore they struggle to operate effectively into today’s “everything, anywhere, at any time” world.


How we deliver

Most people mistakenly believe that achieving a single view of their customer and a single view of their stock, will require the complete re-invention of their technology eco-system.


This is a daunting prospect because of the associated high costs and even higher risks, but the truth is, the key challenge is data integration, and this just needs knowledge, skills and experience. It can be achieved without wholesale system and application changes, and it can be managed in a contained risk manner.


For more information on some of the technical solutions we use please visit Our Services.


How we support our clients

Some of our conversations do turn into projects and when we start to work with you we will make it clear what we can deliver and by when. We always aim to be as flexible as we can to meet your project and business requirements. We often find that a client's timescales shift and we will step up and step back as needed.


So whether you would like us to enter a formal invitation to tender (ITT) process, or you would just like to get some initial advice, please get in touch with Helen Woodcock now to start your journey to better data. 

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