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All around us people are talking about 'data'. From governments and big companies knowing everything about us to huge data breaches, the big news is data.


Here at KETL our job is to help our clients to be in control of their data and the systems that manage the flow of that data. We are here to demystify data.


We are always looking for curious people with experience of analytics in their studies or their work history. We can teach you the right software skills but you need to be confident working in a development environment where accuracy is essential.



We consider candidates from a variety of academic and work experience backgrounds so if you would like to find out more about our ethos and our efforts to develop a more diverse workforce throughout the Bristol tech scene then read Helen’s blog.


We are delighted to welcome Juan Acosta to KETL in July 2016. Juan is a first class honours graduate in Mathematics and he is already getting to know some of our favourite developer tools. We will be catching up with Juan in blog posts later on in the year. 



Find out what it is like working at KETL by reading our blog about Josh's first year after joining us as a graduate recruit.


This is what BI and data analytics consultant, Henry Dorrian, thinks makes a good data developer:


You don't have to have a computing background to be good at data. It is more important that you are used to working in a methodical, detailed and accurate way. Learning how to programme and develop data solutions is relatively straightforward and there is training for the software tools that we use. What takes a bit more experience is getting to understand the business processes driving the data management requirements.


PS. Please note that we do not accept CVs from recruitment agencies. Thank you.