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Better data

Better business

+44 (0)117 905 5323

Our Services

KETL is a Data Systems Integration Consultancy providing support to clients from pre-project planning to complete project implementation and training. We take our role as trusted adviser to our clients very seriously and this is why we have so many advocates amongst the people that we work with.


Our job is to solve your data dilemmas and to make sure that you gain the valuable insight that is waiting to be discovered. Here's how we can help do that.


Consultancy and training

Data Migration, Data Integration, Extract Transform Load (ETL & ELT), Software and Data Storage Procurement Advice, Dashboard Design, Data Reporting, Data Visualisation, Integrated BI (Business Intelligence) Reporting.


We can advise you on large and small data management projects and we can make sure that you and and your team are equipped to maintain those systems when we leave. That is how we add value. 



Here are some of the technologies that we work with but not limited to: Talend, Jaspersoft, Spotfire, Informatica, Salesforce, AWS, Sugar CRM, R, SAP, Levenshtein, fuzzy logic, Lucene indexing and data profiling 


But really data is just data to us so it doesn't matter what industry or what platform or software you are using. We can help.


For more details about our technology integration partnerships and the user groups that we host then please visit Our Partners page.



System integrations (e.g. CRM, accountancy and legacy systems moving to cloud solutions), telematics (logistics, fleet management, insurance), data modeling, business intelligence (BI) reporting, data analytics, financial data migration, legacy system upgrades, data warehouse design and build, data profiling and data cleansing. 


These are just some of the projects that we have implemented over the years. We do this work all the time so you gain our skills and our experience by having us along on your project journey.


See some of our client stories by visiting our case studies


You can find out more about how we work here.

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